Medina Down & Dirty Auto Detailing

"We get down and dirty to get your vehicle clean!"


Why detail my car?

Having your vehicle detailed not only increases the value, but it also improves and maintains the health of your car in much the same way as changing the oil. It improves your vehicle's looks, safety and reliability.


                           1.) IMPROVE VEHICLE SAFETY

                           2.) INCREASED VALUE

                                    3.) PREVENT RUST, CORROSION, & DAMAGE 


Paint Health

Extend the life of the paint on your car. Paint protects the metal underneath it from rust & corrosion.


Road Salt

This can eat through your paint and get to the metal of your car. Salt also builds up in wheel wells and under the chassis.


Interior Condition

Protect and condition the interior of your vehicle to prevent damage: Cracking, Fading, discoloration, odors, and bald spots. 


Improve Lighting Ability

Light reduction can be potentially dangerous at night or in harsh weather. Even small deposits of dirt and grime on your headlights & taillights can cause large reductions of visibility.


Wheels & Tires

Oils, solvents, brake dust and other chemicals are frequently encountered during normal driving. This can have a negative effect on your wheels and tires. When you have them detailed, you reduce the risks of cracking in the sidewalls or failure of the wheels due to corrosion.

Keep your car running great both inside and out. This not only improves value and safety, but also you personal comfort and pride in your car!


Well, what are you waiting for? 



High Quality

Auto Detailing



....starting at

      ONLY $19.99!

Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned and operated business and care for your vehicle like we would our own grandparents.

With us being a small business, you will have exceptional customer service and a more personalized touch to your vehicle so it's done how you need it to be done, without paying a high price!


            $  Lowest Price Guarantee!  $


Rest Assured!

You are paying the lowest price!






We guarantee to beat all competitors pricing!

If you see a service that offers the exact same thing but at a lower price, bring us an invoice and we will match that price!


(put that in your piggy bank & save it!)


Heck... we will even accept their coupons for the same service, if we offer.

Restictions may apply for heavy soild or larger vehicles. One coupon per vehicle please

                                    Satisfaction Guarantee!

If for some reason you are not satisfied with our job,

we will re-do it at no additional cost!



                  $$$   Specials & Discounts   $$$       

Please call for specials and discounts.

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